Our Practitioners Are Vetted Professionals With Years of Experience

Life Coaching

We’ll help you make progress in your life in order to attain greater fulfillment.


Giving you the power you need to live a life of purpose and fulfillment.

Trance, EFT  & Energy Healing

Techniques to help focus your thoughts and find peace of mind.

Psychic, Intuitive, Tarot & Oracle Card Readings

To gain insight into the past, present or future by formulating a question.

Animal Communication

Through the art of animal communication we can understand their concerns and they can share their innermost thoughts and feelings.


Throughout the year we offer many online events, such as mini-readings, guided meditation, etc. Find out what events are come up soon. And sign up for an event today!

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I am so grateful to have met you

Dear Rickie, I am so grateful to have met you this lovely evening. I think of my parents often and wonder what they would say to me. I cannot express into words, my gratitude to thank you. Thank you for passing on their message to me. It isn’t closure, it is confirmation of their love.

Vancouver, BC

Thank you for sharing your gift

Dearest Rickie, Thank you for serving spirit and sharing your gift with us. The first message I ever received from you changed the course of my life for the Better and it is my mission to help others receive the help they need to. Hence, hosting. Thank you!

Vancouver, BC

You won’t want to miss this…

Friends, you won’t want to miss this interview of, and demonstration by, Monique Painchaud, the amazing medium and spirit artist who brought through my dear friend a few weeks ago, with both verbal and visual evidence (in the form of a drawing of him that looks just like him!) that it was HE that she

Rebecca Wells Windinwood
Texas, USA

Lisa is a thoughtful, wise…

Lisa is a thoughtful, wise and caring coach who really listens to your concerns, and has great tools to help you with your decision making process. I felt as if she heard me, understood me, and cared about me throughout our coaching journey. I would definitely use Lisa again, and highly recommend her to anyone

PR Montgomery

Karanne has the ability to transform your life!

Karanne Lambton has something special, and an excellent ability to mentor and coach to transform your life. She is a marvelous charming lady with a brilliant brain. I would certainly recommend you attend her program as she strengthens you spiritually, mentally, emotionally. You will learn the real values of a successful life and how to obtain success. I have had

Husna M.

Paula is very gifted in channeling spirits

Paula is very gifted in channeling spirits. The information that she is being shown is precise and relevant and she delivers the message in a thoughtful, caring and sometimes humorous way. She has connected with several close family members of mine, and these messages have brought me more clarity and provided me with a greater

Caroline Johnston
Vancouver, BC

Animal Communication Works!

This was our first experience with Animal Communication and it was a fantastic experience! Paula had insights into our puppy that surprised us in her accuracy, considering that she had never met our dog. Paula gave us advice for managing some of our dogs issues, that we’ve put into effect and have seen improvement. We

Danielle & Michael

Mike is a fantastic intuitive coach…

Mike is a fantastic intuitive coach who really helped me connect to my inner self. He helped me see my strengths, weaknesses, and a better way to be the full me that I want to be. He was kind, gentle, and cut through the b.s. I recommend Mike as your coach/guide, he’s the total package!

Judith F.

Karanne is a gift!

Don’t miss an opportunity to work with Karanne Lambton! She is not only profoundly capable of taking you into the unknown with  courage and confidence, she is a universally connected person who is fully immersed in what it is she meant to do. Karanne is a gift the wise will not squander. Be prepared to

Barb T.

I was blessed with a reading

I was blessed with a reading from Spirit today channeled by the talented Paula deMontigny who absolutely works from her heart. I was able to hear some words of wisdom from my beautiful Grandma who has passed as well as receive some very helpful direction for my life in general. At the beginning of the

Gayle Hernandez
Port Coquitlam, BC

Gentle, Caring Approach

Receiving coaching with Lisa was a true gift for me. With her gentle, caring approach, with a laser-like intuition, Lisa listened to me without an agenda, so that I could hear what I needed to know! I trust Lisa implicitly, as she honors confidentiality, and I feel safe to share anything with her. I completely

Wendy Y.

Karanne is a Blessing

When Karanne offered me Healing, the thought was so foreign to me.  I really had no idea what to expect, but I was ‘open’. I had a feeling of comfort in my core, calm in my heart, and an unusual power working to balance my body’s energies. As I have a lot of emotional/physical healing work