Animal Communication & Healing

What is Animal Communication?

Animal communicators are trained to tune in and connect energetically so we can hear their thoughts and converse about them. Through the art of animal communication we can understand their concerns and they can share their innermost thoughts and feelings.

What Do You Need to Know About Human Animal Communication, and How Will That Help You With Your Animals?

If you see your animal has a problem, how do you know what is really going on unless you communicate directly with them? Like you, only they truly know why they are doing what they do, or how they really feel.

Animals are exceptional creatures; always trying to communicate with you. They are happy to share how they feel, what works for them or doesn’t, whether they are in pain or are confused. They often have messages for us to help us improve our lives, sharing insightful wisdom from their unique perspective and viewpoint. When things go wrong for them, they try to tell you that too.

A communicator can listen to the animal and tap into their energetic, etherical, soul, and physical bodies to see what is going on with the animal. The information that is received can be used to help aid your pets emotional and physical wellbeing, and can even help to pinpoint what your veterinarian should be looking at.

Paula deMontigny

Animal Communicator & Healer

Paula is proud to be Metis and loves Being of Service to Animals, it is where her heart is.

Paula has been an animal advocate since her early adulthood and has volunteered with animals with organizations such as: SPCA, Vokra, CARES, and Peta. Her love for the welfare of animals began at age 3 when she was given her first kitten Snowball. Since then Paula has had many pets and has always felt a special bond with our furry friends.

In animal communication Paula can connect to your beloved pets or animals (cats, dogs, horses, birds, etc.) to find the route causes of many of their behavioural issues, illness, and general well being. Through this she can offer solutions to help you to support your pet, to pinpoint an area for your veterinarian to look at, and even provide hands off energetic healing.

Paula offers the following services:

Animal Communication

Energy Healing

Finding a Lost Animal

Connecting to a beloved pet who has passed away and is in spirit

Being of service to spirit is where her heart is, it is her purpose. Book a session and connect today!