A medium is a type of psychic intuitive that is able to communicate with the spirit world using extrasensory perception. Mediums can receive messages and warnings from loved ones that are deceased, angels, and even spirit guides. During a mediumship reading, a medium will use their divine powers to connect to the spiritual energies of loved ones that have already passed.

Mediumship is available to help people move through loss, life transitions, as well as to help the departed heal. Our mediums are motivated to ease the fear of death/dying, prove survival, and to bring comfort and healing. We are committed to delivering the messages from your loved ones to you in its purest form.

Our practitioners are:

Paula deMontigny

Paula offers mediumship, psychic and oracle card readings as well as SPECIALIZATION in LETTERS FROM SPIRIT, PET COMMUNICATION, and MEDIUMSHIP. She will connect to the spirit world and your loved ones to ask for a special message for you, then she will write it out. It’s your choice to receive the letter via email or by mail.

Being of service to spirit is where her heart is, it is her purpose.

Monique Painchaud

Monique Painchaud is a professional artist and psychic medium who does SPIRIT PORTRAIT ART and evidential mediumship. She uncovers messages through clairvoyance and channeling. Through these modalities she will offer loving messages and guidance from spirit and your personal guides regarding issues of past, present, and future.

As a spirit artist, she will also provide a sketched portrait of a loved one which will be of extra evidence that the ones we know and love are always around us.

Mike DaCunha

Mike is an active psychic arts teacher, an emotional life coach, a medium, a clairvoyant, and a healer. He is fluent in English, French & Portuguese and works around the world giving classes and private consultations. His mission is to help people wake up to their full potentiality so they can remove any blocks and move on with their lives, and through that process bloom. With 10 years experience Mike’s greatest joy is to see people smile after a consultation, once the emotional baggage that was holding them back is cleared. “I am here to help people create a better future for themselves”.

Rickie Avitan

Rickie is a medium, a trance healer and a trance communicator. She offers CHANNELED MESSAGES from your loved ones, TRANCE HEALING, and SPIRITUAL ASSESSMENTS. Contact us for more information, or check out her interview discussing trance on our Facebook page.

She is committed to providing you with an environment that is conducive to safe, competent and ethical practice.  She is accountable to her practice and act in a manner that is in accordance with her professional responsibility. It is her highest concern to safeguard your trust.

The information you share with her will never be revealed without your permission. Her goal is to assist you in achieving your optimal level of emotional, physical and spiritual health in situations of normal health, illness, and/or injury. Her goal is your success. Do not wait. Start the process of healing and self-discovery now.

Julia Schoennagel

Julia offers readings using Mediumship, the use of tarot and oracle cards, psychometry, flowers, and other tools. She has years of experience reading and working with clients and is now offering her services to you here online.

Combining art and mediumship results in auragraphs (psychic art created especially for the sitter), where attunement with Spirit produces a piece of artwork that represents a person’s spiritual and physical life.

Maella Ginn

Maella is an artist by trade & Spirit uses her natural gifts to help inspire, motivate & strengthen the sitter. She is able to connect & give messages through your totem & spirit animals as well as give soul messages. This helps you move forward in your life purpose with guidance, stamina & fortitude.

Drawings of these animals are also available to help remind you along the way.