Paula deMontigny Animal Communication & Healing


Paula offers the following services:

Connecting to a beloved pet who has passed away and is in spirit

Rates for a one off session which includes communication & healing is $175 OR get a wellness package offering 3 or 5 sessions for a special discounted rate (Please contact me to book the wellness package – cannot be booked online)

For COMMUNICATION without healing, FINDING A PET, or CONNECTING to a beloved pet in Spirit the fee is $135 (Click here to book)

Packages of 3 Sessions for $495 & 5 Sessions for $795 (contact me directly to book these sessions – Cannot be booked online)

Being of service to spirit is where her heart is, it is her purpose. Book a session and connect today!


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Animal Communicator & Healer

Paula is proud to be Metis and loves Being of Service to Animals, it is where her heart is.


“Paula’s communication with my dog was really amazing, and so insightful. She tapped into his physical health and some behavioral issues that have been impacting him for many years now. The information was detailed and accurate, and she was able to provide me with some tools and strategies to help him. I am forever grateful, as my fur baby is my best companion, and I want him to have the healthiest life. I now have insight into what’s wrong and how I can help him in the best ways possible.”

Caroline Johnston

“This was our first experience with Animal Communication and it was a fantastic experience! Paula had insights into our puppy that surprised us in her accuracy, considering that she had never met our dog. Paula gave us advice for managing some of our dogs issues, that we’ve put into effect and have seen improvement. We are impressed and delighted. Would definitely recommend and will do again!”

Danielle & Michael

Read the Amazing Healing Story of Didrik the Horse below….


About Paula

Paula has been an animal advocate since her early adulthood and has volunteered with animals with organizations such as: SPCA, Vokra, CARES, and Peta. Her love for the welfare of animals began at age 3 when she was given her first kitten Snowball. Since then Paula has had many pets and has always felt a special bond with our furry friends.

In animal communication Paula can connect to your beloved pets or animals (cats, dogs, horses, birds, etc.) to find the root causes of many of their behavioural issues, illness, and general well being. Through this she can offer solutions to help you to support your pet, to pinpoint an area for your veterinarian to look at, and even provide hands off energetic healing.

In a session Paula will connect to your animal, scan for possible health & behavioural issues, balance the chakras, and provide distance energy healing as needed. Then she will email you a full report of the communication with insights and suggestions of how to help your companion, or what to have your veterinarian look at.

DIDRIK THE HORSE Story and Testimonial


Following is my personal story of my lovely, gentle giant:
TESTIMONIAL for Didrik the Horse – CHANNELED by Paula DeMontigny
Hi Suzanne
I just did my communication with Didrik and being my first horse I wasn’t sure what to expect, and WOWSER I was amazed!
In the communication as soon as I said hello to Didrik I felt the pain around his eyes and in between his forehead. They also felt itchy, especially the right one. That’s probably dryness from the Uveitis or from the steroids. They are ultra-sensitive to light which is why he sometimes likes to keep them closed. He prefers the darkness of his stall/sleeping area because the pain isn’t as strong.
One thing that could help reduce the pain is to keep “eye flaps” on him when he goes outside.
I haven’t heard of this yet for an animal but I heard the words camomile bath, which I took to be a remedy for his eyes. Then I also heard witch hazel. So not sure if an eye bath of the two would help ease the pain and give him some relief.
When I grounded his energy to the Earth I suddenly felt very heavy and very tired. Not sure if the steroids cause this but he doesn’t like this feeling. First thought was thyroid. Can a horse get thyroiditis? When I did the body scan on him I felt pressure and constriction in the throat/gland/thyroid area. I felt that thyroiditis and Uveitis might be linked, so might be something to ask the vet about? I also felt a tenderness from an old injury in his right hind leg. It’s alright now, functional, but the muscle/cellular memory is still there.
As I continued the scan I felt a sadness in his heart, as if he’s missing another animal. What came to mind at first was his mother, then I heard that a horse was left behind. I also felt that there was a dog companion that he loved, and he also left or passed away? It’s a being or two beings that he was very close to and he misses. Could have been a trauma from being taken away from his mother too.
Then the trippy part occurred!! I felt as if I was connected to a higher being and I heard this…
“… We are treated as possessions, as things to be bought and sold. We have been for centuries by the two legged harsh animal beings with whips and clothing. When we used to run wild and free centuries ago, we stayed with our tribe. Stayed with our families and only left them if we had to go into battle, they were ill, or we had to relocate and couldn’t take them with us. We were not prey so the only animal we feared were the humans. A long time ago our young could be felled by hungry packs of coyotes or wolves but that is less of an occurrence since domestication.”
Back to Didrik I heard, “I know that my two legged friends love me, and I thank them for my food, my comfort, and the companionship. We all long for our days of free roaming the plains but know that we have been conquered and gracefully give in. My eyes hurt because there were brutal things that I remember and that I do not want to see any longer. I have a heavy heart and a heavy mind. I know that I am well taken care of. I am grateful.”
I asked him a question: Have you been reincarnated? The answer: “Yes. Many, many times. Uveitis attached to a past life/lives where the herd was slaughtered in fighting. Senseless anger and destruction. Things we don’t want to remember. There are so many fewer of us than there used to be before. We have almost been extinguished. We mourn this.”
After this emotional communication I then tried a new experiment. I cut the cords of his past lives, to release the burden and the pain, and I let him know that it is safe to see again. I let him know that he is safe and loved. I also let him know that he no longer has to carry the burden of the past and can look to the good things that he has in the present.
I let him know that the friends that had been left behind and those who left him are all alright, and that he will see them again in spirit.
I heard him tell him that the wild horses run free in the kingdom of heaven, and one day he’ll return there.
But for now he is safe, secure, well taken care of and loved. He can stay and be free in his own way.
I then did a trance healing on him.
I balanced his chakras.
I cut past life ties.
And I gave him a love bath.
I told him that he may need to rest for a few days to let himself heal, and you may notice that he feels sleepy, is quieter, and less energetic for a day or two. It’s alright, he’s simply healing.
Thank you for allowing me to communicate with Didrik, it was very special. I hope that he feels better soon!
Let me know if you have any further questions, or feedback too.
Xo Paula
IN ANSWER: by owner, Suzanne Turnbull – 250 255 7550 – feel free to contact for testimonial –
• When we adopted Didrik we saved him from the auction (and the ‘meat’ guy) – he was separated from his partner in a team, they were trained to pull together (they are Norwegian Fjords) as far as missing someone + his mother (who knew, after all this time now he’s 15 yrs old)
• His right eye is WAY MORE AFFECTED so Paula being in over in Vancouver is so bang on being able to ‘channel’ from a distance.
• ALL so accurate and amazing! And she’s a trance healer, he is doing awesome now!
• I gave him an icy cold, camomile tea eye-bath with a cloth, put his eye ointment on and a fly mask for eye-shade.
He is doing so much better now even without his steroid cream. His eyes have quit running, and he is able to open them wide again.