Sunny Voitsekhovsky


Sunny Voitsekhovsky offers:

  • Tarot Readings (Astrology and Mentorship Incorporated)
  • Intuitive Art (Meditation Cards & Artwork for Healing and Transformation)
    • Intuitive Art is provided to the client in digital format for meditation purposes, visualization, dreamwork..etc
  • Witchcraft (Spell work, Intention Setting and Manifestation)
    • I either do spells for clients or provide information on how to perform spells and magic. Spells are performed based on intuitive factors and what the client specifically needs at this time as directed by Spirit (and plant knowledge).

$132 per hour for Tarot and Reiki
$66 per 30 mins Spellwork
$33 per 15 mins Intuitive Art

My pronouns are she/they

All sessions will be presented on ZOOM, Google Meet, by phone or by email. We will send you complete instructions.


How To Book Online:

  • Use the calendar on this page to choose the date you would like you for your session.
  • Below the calendar choose the time you would like your session.
  • When choosing more than one block of time, please click on the first block of time, then the last block of time. Do not drag across the blocks. Click on the first and the last blocks only.
  • Next choose the type of session you would like.
  • Then choose how you would like to receive your session.
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Booking Times:
Please only book in these blocks of time

Tarot & Energy Work 1 HR Sessions only
Spellwork 30 mins – 60 mins
Intuitive Art – 15 Mins up to 1 Hour

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Sunny Voitsekhovsky (she/they)

Sunny is an Intuitive Psychic Medium, Eclectic and Kitchen Witch, Energy Worker with a Masters Certification in Usui Reiki and lifelong Artist. She has the capability to transform emotions and create positively impacting, deep healing through her services. They provide themselves on value, where she provides Astrological insight and Mentorship into every Tarot Reading. Her superpower is connecting you with your highest self, guiding you on a journey to your life purpose, allowing you to fulfill your biggest dreams, desires and visions. Sunny provides a deep connection with higher self, ensuring you can go about your day feeling uplifted and positive.

“Positivity is one of the key things to raising our vibration, when we are connected with source and our higher selves, we’re able to see clearer, providing a sense of serenity and a positive outlook on life, regardless of the circumstances”.

They (Sunny) have been working with releasing emotions through different forms of artwork since she was a child, bringing transformational and abundant healing to her life, and now she’s here to share it with you. Sunny believes in an ethical practice, cultivating a safe and welcome environment for all, and she prides herself on honesty, trust, and keeping a closed and sacred practice – meaning everything you share with them, will not be revealed or shared with others.

Let’s connect with your highest self and make YOUR dreams happen.

Sunny offers a variety of Healing and Mediumship services (including Astrology):

Tarot Readings  – Sunny connects with your Guides, your Highest Self and all of the Angels around you to ensure you’re given the reading of a lifetime! She incorporates Astrology and Mentorship into every reading to ensure you receive full value and know the bigger picture. Mentorship helps guide you on a journey of success. Some of their most popular readings are Love/Tantric, Career/Life Purpose and General Intuitive Readings.

Witchcraft/Spellwork – Sunny offers Intention Setting, Manifestation and Spellwork to help uplift your current situation, bring attention to the positive and clear out what no longer serves you in order to bring the good into your life that you deserve. She’s passionate about directing you on your path to alignment through witchcraft, recipes, magic and mentorship.

Transformational Intuitive Art – Sunny channels art to help guide you on your journey through meditation, dream work and intention setting. You will receive a digital copy of customized Art from your session in order to help you grow and glow. She also books Transformational Art Healing sessions using art as a tool to release the feelings of resentment, shame, anger and guilt – leaving you feeling light, bright and able to move forward with confidence!

Distance Healing & Energy Work – Sunny is a powerful Intuitive healer that incorporates sound, Reiki Energy as well as Channeled healing (an Aura Cleanse) to you or a loved one. Align with Earth, Sun, Moon and your Chakra System, or provide this to a friend or family member that needs a little bit of love.

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