Tarot/Oracle card reading is the practice of using tarot/oracle cards to gain insight into the past, present or future by formulating a question, then drawing and interpreting cards.

Tarot Oracle card

Our practitioners are:

Karanne Lambton

Karanne is a compassionate psychic medium working with Jungian Tarot analysis.  The cards bring both the conscious and unconscious to light, providing the insight required to progress through current life challenges.  Providing combinations of Jungian Tarot, Mediumship and spiritual counsel, Karanne lovingly provides clients with a clear path forward.

Monique Painchaud

Monique Painchaud is a professional artist and psychic medium who does Spirit Portrait Art and evidential mediumship. She uncovers messages through clairvoyance and channeling. Through these modalities she will offer loving messages and guidance from spirit and your personal guides regarding issues of past, present, and future.

As a spirit artist, she will also provide a sketched portrait of a loved one which will be of extra evidence that the ones we know and love are always around us.

Lisa Bewley

Lisa does classic tarot card readings, and she asserts that “The cards don’t lie!”

She considers herself a transitionalist – one who aids others in transitioning through difficult life phases, helping them find and use their inner awareness to guide them in key decisions.  Fear often holds one back from listening to their heart. If you are fearing making a wrong decision, wondering what others will think, or questioning how you can get through something – talking to Lisa can help you get clear.  “I am here to help you access your inner wisdom to empower your life decisions.” Lisa