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Spirits Connections & The Psychic Friends Network Online

Spirits Connections & the Psychic Friends Network provides heart to heart connections for you and your loved ones, helping you to feel your best and inspiring you to be your best.

We believe that working with our gifted professional practitioners can help guide your way to better health: mentally, spiritually, and physically. Advisors, healers, and coaches are here to help you tap into your internal strengths and resources to achieve your goals.

We offer support, advice, and act as a conduit between you and the spirit world. Our online space is a secure, loving, and confidential place to discuss your private concerns, to help you take that next step forward, and to connect to your departed loved ones.

Why: To educate, inspire, and heal everyone, one soul at a time.
How: through healing, inspired readings, and connecting people to their loved ones.
What: Healing, Wellness, and Psychic Website.

What type of readings and services are available on our site?

Psychic readings are offered by many of our practitioners including Mike DaCunha  & Paula deMontigny

Mediumship can connect you to your loved ones who have passed, this is offered by Mike DaCunha, Paula deMontigny, Rickie Avitan, and Monique Painchaud

Spirit Portrait Art is offered by Monique Painchaud – get a portrait of your loved one who is in spirit or even a beloved pet

Pet Communication is offered by Paula deMontigny & Monique Painchaud – connect to a pet who has crossed over

Letters from Spirit is offered by Paula deMontigny – receive a channeled letter from a loved one who is in spirit

Tarot/Oracle Card Readings are offered by Hielkje Sandoval, and Paula deMontigny – have questions about where your life is going, what you have to look forward to in the future, or something in general? The cards can reveal it all!

Spiritual Assessments & Trance Communication – get direct advice from Spirit through channeling/trance communication. It’s like a hug from Spirit! Rickie Avitan & Paula deMontigny offer these services

Distance Healing OR Energetic Healing can be sent from anywhere to anyone! We are all energy. Rickie Avitan & Paula deMontigny offer distant healing

Life Coaching can help you to transition through difficult life phases & help you find and use your inner awareness to guide you in key decisions. This is offered by Mike DaCunha (Coaching) & Lisa Bewley

We look forward to being of service to you here at Spirit Connections & the Psychic Friends Network.  Meet our practitioners to find out how they can help you!

Spirits Connections

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