Unleashing Your Inner Potential Workshop with Mike DaCunha

I believe that classes should be a safe garden where one can open is enfoldment without regards to is accomplishment . Noone but you in the present can change the course of your path, that means that were ever you may come from, were ever your direction, you will have the opportunity to be given proper training to unfold your inner potential with out any restriction. Your potential is an unfolding that is profond and personal as your journey is, no time to rattle the past here, only the present moment.

In these developpement classes you will learn to be properly stable in your devineness ,calm in your inner process with out prejudice or jugement. A safe and confortable setting will be properly met to ensure a pure and natural safe space to accompany you in this vaste and diverse process of self inner exploration. No doubt about it you will learn more about your self potentials more about self healing more about your true divine gifts that translate in inner knowingness, throught its process you will acquaintance your self to self discovery, self perseverance, self kindness and self lovingness, which is the key to self progress in the phychic spiritual aspect of you. Knowingness in disciplines such as mediumship, clairvoyance, inner and distance healing with multipel excercises that will accointance your inner self to this aspect of your wonderful and beautiful personalalities.

Everything starts with the desire to achieve a goal and in these classes  this is what i will teach you! How to go with and be one with your throught nature, in order for you the student to unravel and get acquainted with this mystical and spiritual aspect of you that will last a life time…

These classes will not only bring fort your abilities as spiritual beings but change and give new meaning to your daily  activities , with out any regards of the past, but prepare you for a better and more understood futur.

Anny level of students are welcome, frome any background, with or with out experience in phychic or spirituality.

Spirits connection welcomes you with arms and knowledge wide open, So be It, To the journey ahead unfolding.